Technology Innovation

Banzan is a people-oriented company. We work with one of the top human resource management companies in the world and have introduced a global, strategic HRM system to manage our top-notch team of talent, including more than a dozen PhD and more than 50 Masters-degreed professionals, some of them leaders from Fortune 500 companies. We also have many professionals trained in famous universities in the United States, Australia, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We invest more than 9% of our sales in research and development every year. We cooperate with the most famous providers of laboratory systems in the world and have established the first-class international scientific laboratory. Banzan’s management of R&D and technology is world-class.  

To date Banzan has filed more than 100 invention patents, with more than thirty of these being licensed. In addition, Banzan has helped establish five national standards, four industry standards and one provincial standard.